Facebook owned Company WhatsApp they did it again

Hello Daman escorters!!! How are you all doing ? I’m pretty sure you all are doing very well. It’s all over the news that WhatsApp is spying on Indians and mainly Indian journalists. People in India, all are going crazy because of the privacy loopholes. WhatsApp being one of the secure app (which is not true) is leaking people’s information does not sound good.

Opposition and human rights groups have condemned the arrests, saying the government wanted to silence critics [Bhushan Koyande/Hindustan Times via Getty Images]
Opposition and human rights groups have condemned the arrests, saying the government wanted to silence critics [Bhushan Koyande/Hindustan Times via Getty Images]

They say Pegasus is the reason which made all hacking and spying possible.

Pegasus has been described as one of the most sophisticated mobile malware ever made. The spyware allows hackers to take control of a phone by simply ringing the number of a target’s device.

Once installed, it sends back the targeted user’s private data, including passwords, contact lists, calendar events, text messages, and live voice calls from popular apps.

This is not the first time Pegasus has been in the news for being used as a tool by governments to snoop on dissidents and activists.

In 2016, Citizen Lab had unearthed an attempt by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to infect the phone of human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor through Pegasus. 

The main reason behind the incident seems to be elections in India. Which seems quite valid but not 100% sure according to different sources. If you have something to talk about this or you know anything then please do drop a comment.

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