Pakistan vs South Africa, ICC World Cup 2019 Highlights: As it happened

  • Jun 23, 11:31 PM (IST)That brings us to the end of our live coverage from this game. Join us again tomorrow as Bangladesh take on Afghanistan starting at 3 PM IST. Till then it’s goodbye! 

  • Jun 23, 11:31 PM (IST)View image on TwitterPakistan Cricket✔@TheRealPCB89 off 59 balls@iHarisSohail is the Man of the Match#PAKvSA #CWC19 #WeHaveWeWill1,19911:14 PM – Jun 23, 2019137 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:30 PM (IST)View image on TwitterCricket World Cup✔@cricketworldcupWith that loss, South Africa are out of #CWC19 semi-final contention.

    Pakistan, meanwhile, move up to No.7. Their knockout hopes are very much alive.

    Latest standings #WeHaveWeWill | #PAKvSA1,55411:20 PM – Jun 23, 2019360 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:30 PM (IST)Cricket World Cup✔@cricketworldcupThe Pakistan team salute their adoring fans as they walk off #WeHaveWeWill | #CWC194,61811:16 PM – Jun 23, 2019732 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:30 PM (IST)Cricket World Cup✔@cricketworldcupThe atmosphere at Lord’s was electric today #WeHaveWeWill | #CWC191,78711:24 PM – Jun 23, 2019256 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:28 PM (IST)Sarfaraz Ahmed (Winning Captain): A complete team performance. I think a couple of team combinations didn’t allow us to play him before. But he did well after getting his chance. Sometimes, change is good. Today, the way Haris batted, he looked hungry. He was the difference. Batted like Jos Buttler. We have to work hard on our fielding. We dropped so many catches. All three matches are important. Complete bowling effort. Credit to Amir for picking up early wickets. Shadab picked up wickets in the middle overs and Wahab got us wickets at the death. Thank you for all the support.  
  • Jun 23, 11:27 PM (IST)Faf du Plessis (Losing Captain): We are not playing great cricket. We didn’t bowl well. Have been good with the ball this tournament, but we started poorly today. 300 plus on that target was 20-25 more on that track. Made same mistakes with the bat. Guys getting in and getting out. We needed a good start. We haven’t had that. As we are building partnerships, we have been losing wickets. That’s the nature of our tournament. It has been case of confidence. We’re working hard, putting in the practice. But confidence in sport is an amazing thing. When you are playing well, the ball just falls in your court. When you are playing against a quality team like Pakistan, they get a wicket they will put you under pressure. Imran has been amazing. To acknowledge him, he has been exceptional right through this tournament and has played with a lot of heart. He has led our attack and has been consistent in every game. But there haven’t been enough guys like Imran standing up and that is why we find ourselves in a position that we are in. The biggest downside at the moment is we haven’t been able to do justice to ourselves as a team. Haven’t played the cricket we’re capable of. For me the biggest disappointment has been we have been letting ourselves down with the skill that’s sitting in the dressing room.
  • Jun 23, 11:25 PM (IST)Haris Sohail (Man of the Match): It’s tough when you’re sitting out and waiting for your turn. My goal was to make the most of my opportunities. When I went in, I was told I have to build a partnership with Babar, but it wasn’t easy out there. Just backed myself.  
  • Jun 23, 11:10 PM (IST)ICC✔@ICCPakistan dominant at Lord’s today. See the winning moment #WeHaveWeWill | #CWC194,06811:09 PM – Jun 23, 2019660 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:08 PM (IST)Cricketwallah✔@cricketwallahBig win for Pak. Also improves their Net Run Rate, which will have great value just in case it comes to that. But what about SA? How utterly disappointing they’ve been?49911:06 PM – Jun 23, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy32 people are talking about this
  • Jun 23, 11:06 PM (IST)Pakistan Cricket✔@TheRealPCBPacer @WahabViki at @cricketworldcup
    2015 – 7.3 ov 2 Maiden 45 runs 3 wickets#CWC19 – 10 overs 0 Maiden 46 runs 3 wickets#WeHaveWeWill #PAKvSA2,32111:00 PM – Jun 23, 2019280 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:06 PM (IST)Cricket World Cup✔@cricketworldcup keep their #CWC19 semi-final hopes alive!

    They beat by 49 runs, with Amir and Riaz among the wickets after half-centuries from Sohail and Azam took them to 308/7. #WeHaveWeWill96310:59 PM – Jun 23, 2019215 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy
  • Jun 23, 11:03 PM (IST) Overs 45 to 50 Roundup! Runs: 34; Wickets: 2; SA 259/9Amir gets his for back-to-back fours in the 46th over as Phehlukwayo looks to make the most of his time at the crease. Wahab Riaz though is having a field time bowling at the tailenders and castles Rabada in the next over.Amir again goes for runs in the next over as Phehlukwayo sends the ball racing to the boundary. 7 runs come off the over. Wahab comes steaming in and cleans up Ngidi with another yorker. Amir concedes 11 in the final over. The last three overs just spoiling Amir’s bowling figures on day where he was really impressive.Pakistan beat South Africa by 49 runs.
  • Jun 23, 10:59 PM (IST)FOUR! Amir sends down a fuller delivery outside off and Phehlukwayo drives it powerfully through cover. 
  • Jun 23, 10:54 PM (IST)WICKET! Ngidi b Wahab 1 (6)Wahab is making a realy meal out of the South African tailenders. He sends down a pacy length delivery which just crashes into the stumps. 
  • Jun 23, 10:48 PM (IST)FOUR! Phehlukwayo squeezes the full delivery outside off through point and Shaheen gets a hand to the ball but fails to keep it in with the dive.
  • Jun 23, 10:44 PM (IST)WICKET! Rabada b Wahab 3 (7)Rabada misses the low full toss from Wahab which dips past the bat to crash into the stumps. 
  • Jun 23, 10:40 PM (IST)FOUR! Phehlukwayo gets lucky now as he gets an inside edge down to fine leg for back-to-back boundaries. 
  • Jun 23, 10:39 PM (IST)FOUR! Phehlukwayo connects with the heave against Amir sending the ball over deep midwicket for a one-bounce four.
  • Jun 23, 10:38 PM (IST) Overs 41 to 45 Roundup! Runs: 36; Wickets: 2; SA 225/7Shaheen Afridi has done really well replacing Hasan Ali today and he finally gets his reward when Miller’s bails are sent flying by the slower delivery. Shadab continues to strangle the batsmen from the other end.Phehlukwayo gets a lucky boundary with an inside edge in the 43rd over but Morris hits Shaheen for a four and six off consecutive deliveries to ruin the youngster’s bowling figures. 16 runs come off that over.Shadab then gets hit for a boundary in the next going for 8 runs. Wahab pulls things back brilliantly as he castles Morris with a pinpoint yorker onto the leg-stump. South Africa don’t seem to have any way back in this game unless Phehlukwayo pulls out something special with Kagiso Rabada at the other end.
  • Jun 23, 10:30 PM (IST)WICKET! Morris b Wahab 16 (10)Wahab sends down a pacy yorker and Morris just doesn’t get his bat down in time as the ball clips the leg-stump. 
  • Jun 23, 10:28 PM (IST)FOUR! Phehlukwayo gets down on one knee and slog sweeps against Shadab sending the ball over deep midwicket. 
  • Jun 23, 10:25 PM (IST)SIX! Shaheeh pitches the next ball full but Morris was expecting that and lifts the ball beautifully straight down the ground. 
  • Jun 23, 10:25 PM (IST)FOUR! Morris works this well as he backs away and cuts the shorter delivery over backward point. 
  • Jun 23, 10:25 PM (IST)FOUR! Shaheen is unlucky on the 1st ball of the 43rd as Phehlukwayo looks to punch down the ground but gets a dangerous inside edge past the stumps. 
  • Jun 23, 10:16 PM (IST) WICKET! Miller b Shaheen Afridi 31 (37)Miller skips forward and heaves at the delivery but Shaheen sends down a slower ball which creeps past the bat and disturbs the bails. 
  • Jun 23, 10:15 PM (IST) Overs 36 to 40 Roundup! Runs: 29; Wickets: 1; SA 189/5Shaheen Afridi returns to the attack in the 36th over and does well conceding just 3 runs. Riaz draws a thick outside edge in the next over but Sarfaraz fails to hold onto it despite a dive to his right. The batsmen then decide to take on Afridi in the next over and take 14 runs off it.Riaz does well in the next over to keep a lid on the scoring giving away just 4 runs. Shadab Khan returns to the attack for the 40th over and finally gets the breakthrough as van der Dussen miscues a slog. There could’ve been another wicket as Miller is given OUT LBW off the final delivery but he reviews it immediately and UltraEdge shows a slight edge.
  • Jun 23, 10:12 PM (IST)WICKET! van der Dussen c Hafeez b Shadab 36 (47)van der Dussen goes for the slog sweep but ends up slicing the ball high to the off-side. Sarfaraz and Hafeez come circling under but Hafeez calls for it and takes the catch. 
  • Jun 23, 10:04 PM (IST)Mazher Arshad✔@MazherArshad5 dropped catches in a match. A world cup match! A world cup match with semi-final qualification on the line! #CWC192,7219:59 PM – Jun 23, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy546 people are talking about this
  • Jun 23, 10:01 PM (IST)SIX! Afridi switches to around the wicket to van der Dussen but sees the fuller delivery sent flying over cow corner.