Ajith vs Vijay – Choose your winner

The War Is between Vijay and Ajith Fans! Twitterati Use Vadivelu’s Pics and Trend #VanduMuruganAJITH

Vijay and Ajith (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Thalapathy Vijay and Thala Ajith, have ardent fans across the globe. A single of them or a post on them can take the internet by storm. And when these fans decide to trend something about their favourite superstar, it would be at the top for sure and something similar has taken place already. So this time it is not about one superstar, but about two of them – Vijay and Ajith. Fans of Thala have decided to trend the megastar on top using the hashtag #VanduMuruganAJITH and guess what, pictures of Vadivelu is used for the same. #ThalapathyDayCommonCP: Why are All Vijay Fans Keeping a Common Cover Picture on Twitter?

Vandu Murugan is the character played by Vadivelu in the Tamil film Ellam Avan Seyal that released in 2008. He is the same actor for whom Twitterati were recently praying using the hashtag #PrayForNesamani, and those memes went on for days. So why Vijay and Ajith fans are at war? From the past few days we have been seen that fans were looking out for an update for Vijay’s 63rd film and they started to trend Thalapathy63UpdateDay and so on. Later when the update was out and on his birthday, many other hashtags were used to trend on top. Looks like that didn’t go down well with Ajith fans. Nesamani Memes Are Going Viral: EXPLAINED! Here’s Why #PrayForNesamani Posts Are Trending On Social Media.

Fans of Ajith have started to use #VanduMuruganAJITH and shared posters of his film Nerkonda Paarvai and are ensuring it becomes the top trend. But what caught our attention was the pictures of Vadivelu that were being used for the memes. Well, he is indeed become ‘the face’ for memes and one just cannot get over it. Not just that, Vijay fans are mocking at Ajith fans for using such memes to get him on top trend. Take a look at some of the posts shared by fans.

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Rt – thalaivar vadivelu
Like – thatha ajith #VanduMuruganAJITH85:09 PM – Jun 23, 201930 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

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Trendsetter Thalapathy team@3T_off

Let’s celebrate the tag

Mr.Vakkil #VanduMuruganAjith1134:06 PM – Jun 23, 2019583 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

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Troll Cinema ( TC )@Troll_Cinema

That’s different between Our #ThalapathyVIJAY and#VanduMuruganAJITH4555:10 PM – Jun 23, 2019993 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

So what do you think of #VanduMuruganAJITH? Do you think Thalapathy Vijay’s fans will remain calm after this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. Let’s not forget, Vijay and Ajith share a great rapport off screen!


18 Benefits of Sex and Saturday Motivation

Hello folks, How are you all doing? For the newbies out there, WELCOME! to Daman Escort Service. Today is Saturday and what a beautiful climate we have here in Daman, India. Today we will talk about motivation and some benefits of sex at the same time.

Strive for progress, not perfection” – We all know the fact that to err is human, we as a human being tends to make lotta mistakes in our day to day lives. But guess what without error there is no correction and if there is no correction then there is no chance of perfection not even 0.1%.

So ya failure, simply means that we are progressing. So now lets talk about benefits of Sex.

1. Get Less Colds & Boost Your Immune System

Sex can help boost the immune system.

More sex equals fewer sick days. That’s what the results of studies comparing sexually active people to those who are not sexually active say. Sex boosts your body’s ability to make protective antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and other germs that cause common illnesses. Of course, there’s more to cultivating a robust immune system than having a healthy sex life. Eating right, exercising, getting adequate sleep, and keeping up to date with vaccinations all contribute to having strong and healthy defenses against contagious illnesses.

2. Boost Your Libido

Sex boots your libido.

Believe it or not, the best antidote for a waning libido is to have sex! Having sex actually boosts desire. And if pain and vaginal dryness make it challenging for some women to have sex, sexual activity can help combat these problems, too. Sex boosts vaginal lubrication, blood flow to the vagina, and elasticity of the tissues, all of which make for better, more pleasurable sex and heightened libido.

3. Improve Women’s Bladder Control

Sex improves women’s bladder control.

Urinary incontinence affects about 30% of women at some point in life. Having regular orgasms works a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, strengthening and toning them. Orgasms activate the same muscles that women use when doing Kegel exercises. Having stronger pelvic muscles means there’s less risk of accidents and urine leaks.

4. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Sex lowers your blood pressure.

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from high blood pressure? Sex can help you lower it. Many studies have documented a link between intercourse specifically (not masturbation) and lower systolic blood pressure, the first number that appears on a blood pressure test. That’s good news for individuals looking for an easy adjunct to lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress reduction) and medication strategies to get blood pressure into a healthy range. Sex sessions cannot replace blood-pressure lowering drugs to control high blood pressure, but they may be a useful addition.

5. Counts as Exercise

Sex counts as exercise.

Like every other kind of physical activity, sex burns calories, too! Sitting and watching TV burns about 1 calorie per minute. Having sex increases your heart rate and utilizes various muscle groups, burning about 5 calories per minute. Regular sex cannot replace sessions at the gym, but a having an active, healthy sex life is a nice way to get some extra physical activity.

6. Lower Heart Attack Risk

Sex can lower heart attack risks.

Want a healthier heart? Have more sex. Sexual activity helps keep levels of hormones, like estrogen and testosterone, in check. When these hormones are out of balance, conditions like heart disease and osteoporosis may develop. When it comes to protecting heart health by having sex, more is better. One study in men showed that those who had sex at least 2 times a week were 50% less likely to die of heart disease than their less sexually active peers.

7. Lessen Pain

Sex can lessen pain.

Sexual stimulation (including masturbation) and orgasm can help keep pain at bay. Both activities can reduce pain sensation and increase your pain threshold. Orgasms result in the release of hormones that can help block pain signals. Some women report that self-stimulation through masturbation can reduce symptoms of menstrual cramps, arthritis, and even headache.

8. May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Sex can lower prostate cancer risks.

There are male-specific health benefits of sex, too. One study showed that men who had frequent ejaculations (defined as 21 times a month or more) were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who had fewer ejaculations. It did not matter if the ejaculations occurred through intercourse, masturbation, or nocturnal emissions. Of course, there’s more to prostate cancer risk than frequency of ejaculations, but this was one interesting finding.

9. Improve Sleep

Sex can improve your sleep.

Sex can help you sleep better. That’s because orgasm simulates the release of a hormone called prolactin, a natural sleep aide. Prolactin promotes feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. This is just one of the reasons you may notice that you have an easier time falling asleep after having sex.

10. Relieve Stress

Sex can ease stress.

Sex is a great stress reliever. That’s because touching, hugging, sexual intimacy, and emotional attachment stimulate the release of “feel good” substances that promote bonding and calmness. Sexual arousal also releases substances that stimulate the reward and pleasure system in the brain. Fostering intimacy and closeness can help relieve anxiety and boost overall health.

11. Burn Calories

Sex burns calories and helps lose pounds.

Add sex to the list of activities that burns calories. One study in young men and women showed that sex burns about 108 calories per half hour! That’s enough to burn off 3, 570 calories – that’s a little more than the number of calories in one pound – in 32 half-hour sessions.

12. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Sex improves cardiovascular health.

Better cardiovascular health may be as close as the bedroom. While some people may worry that physical exertion from sex may lead to a stroke, science suggests otherwise. In a 20-year-long study of more than 900 men, researchers found that frequency of sex did not increase stroke risk. They found that sex protects against fatal heart attacks, too. Men who had sex at least twice per week reduced their risk of a fatal heart attack by 50% compared to gents who had sex less than once a month.

13. Strengthen Your Well-Being

Sex strengthens your overall sense of well-being.

Humans are wired for social connection. Interaction with friends and family boosts your overall health and well-being. Close connections with others, including your partner, make you happier and healthier compared to those who are less well connected. Studies prove it!

14. Improve Intimacy and Relationships

Sex improves intimacy and strengthens relationships

You can hug and cuddle your way to develop warm, intimate relationships. Sex and orgasms stimulate the release of a hormone called oxytocin that helps people bond. This “love hormone” as it’s commonly known, helps build feelings of love and trust. In a study of premenopausal women, the more time the ladies spent canoodling and hugging their husbands or partners, the higher their oxytocin levels were. The hormone inspires fuzzy feelings and generosity, too.

15. Look Younger

Sex makes you look younger.

Forget surgery and anti-aging creams, sex keeps you younger looking, too. Regular sex stimulates the release of estrogen and testosterone, hormones that keep you young and vital looking. Estrogen promotes younger-looking skin and lustrous locks. In one study, judges viewed participants through a one-way mirror and guessed their ages. People who had sex at least 4 times per week with a regular partner were perceived to be 7 to 12 years younger than they actually were.

16. Live Longer

Live longer with regular sex.

What’s the secret to living longer? It may be having more sex. In a decade-long study of over 1,000 middle-aged men, those who had the most orgasms had half the death rate of those who did not ejaculate frequently. Of course many factors contribute to longevity, but having an active sex life may be an easy, pleasurable way to extend your lifespan.

17. Boost Brainpower

Sex improves brain function.

The benefits of sex truly extend from head to toe. An active sex life might actually make your brain work better. Researchers found that sex switches the brain into a more analytical mode of and thinking processing. And animal studies suggest that sex enhances areas of the brain involved in memory.

18. Sex Makes Fertilization Easier

More sex can mean better sperm and faster egg fertilization.

When it comes to expanding your family, practice makes perfect. A study performed at a fertility center found that men who had daily ejaculations for a week had higher-quality sperm than those who did not ejaculate daily. Men in the daily ejaculation group had sperm with DNA that was less fragmented than the DNA from sperm of men who ejaculated less frequently. Less fragmented DNA implies healthier DNA. And hearty sperm that have healthy DNA are more likely to fertilize an egg.

Source: onhealth

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This program was basically meant for collecting every Facebook and their respective product’s users personal data and was allegedly used to attempt to influence voter opinion on behalf of politicians who hired them. Well you guys might be thinking why we are discussing here? You got a point


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