Black hole is everywhere

#black hole…As we got to know right there is a black hole in space…an area in space that nothing, not even light, can escape from, because the force that pulls objects in space towards each other (gravity) is so strong there…

That’s crazy

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IPL 2019 – Daman Escort Service

IPL is right here!

*The year of IPL*
As the 11th season of indian premier league kick starts this year the fans of their respective teams are excited and eager to see the clashes between their favourite cricketing stars and teams.
Since the day of its first inaugural match in 2008 IPL have become the most watched 20-20 tournament in the world and also the 2nd best paying league gaming tournament in the world.
Here we present you some crazy facts and records that were made in IPL.
1.) Gautam gambhir has been run out the most in IPL. He has been run out 13 times.
2.) Yuvraj singh has the crown of taking 2 hat-tricks in IPL.
3.) RCB  owns the record for most and least scored runs in IPL.
4.) Mumbsi indians and chennai super kings are the most successful teams in the history of IPL.
5.) IPL approximately earns around 110 crores every year.
6.) Each team gets about 35 crores which is generated from broadcasting rights.
7.) Mumbai indians is considered to be the richest team in ipl.
Those were the facts now lets talk about which teams have the potential to win this year.

Daman Escort Sporty Model

We here at geekymotu believe that mumbai indians are one of the stronger Teams this year. Then comes the  cool giant lead by none other than captain cool MSD chennai super kings are our 2nd pick
3rd would be RCB.. 
So according to the experts we have here 😀 we think highest probability of winning this yesrs ipl would be     

1.) Mumbai indians     

2.) Chennai super kings     

3.) Royal challengers bangalore

Hey and we would love to knw what you think would win this year and also drop some facts thst might be interesting for us snd others to see..

Go Back and forth Modi – Welcome to Daman

Daman Escort Service – I really don’t like saying this to our P.M. but people are there who really hates him for many reasons. Well! thinking about hate, people do have lots of reasons.

PM Modi’s latest trip to Tamil was pretty bad. Well who cares come to us at Daman, India we will never do #GoBackModi. We will always be welcoming you regardless of political party you are in.

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2018 Election Results seems biased but Not Us!

Hey Escorters, I hope you all are doing great. Election results is breaking us down! I do understand that the title  don’t have any relation but hey who don’t talk politics? It is everywhere. And we are pretty sad because of 2018 Election results. I don’t wanna put down whom we really liked but we do have some shocking results. 

Daman Escort Baes, “We don’t dominate parties” – Daman Escort Service

We here at daman escort service, are always focusing on customer service rather than profit model. You get the same pleasure what other’s will get after opting for Daman Escort Service. There are lots of conspiracy and monopoly happening. Chuck those all and take a round to Daman. Take a chill pill rest. We welcome you to Daman.

PRO PUBG Mobile player at Daman Escort Service.

Hello there, how are you all ? Hope you are doing great. Well, I’m pretty sure, you might have come across the word “PUBG” or “PUBG Mobile” by someone. Well for those who are unaware about PUBG, its an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. PUBG stands for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds“.  You might be thinking why are we talking about this? HINT: We got pro pubg mobile player.

Daman escort Service PUBG Player
Daman Escort Service PRO PUBG Mobile Player

Well PUBG is very much famous within people regardless of age group, from child to the old aged ones. And guess what ? We here at Daman Escort Service, got real sexy pro PUBG players. Our Sweeties are great and always updated with the latest trends. RING US Now, Make your multiplayer more pleasurable, go hunting together. You are heartily welcomed by Daman Escort Service for playing PUBG with our hot models. 

Real Madrid vs Espanyol

Howdy, Escorters! how y’all doing? Hope you guys are doing great. Well, Football match around! You guys might be enjoying the sexy goals. Real Madrid vs Espanyol is always intense and is the pure game. I’m with Real Madrid, what about you?

Football Sex
Football Sex

Doesn’t matter who beats against whom, but this time you will make a goal inside the tight goalkeeper for sure. Contact us now as we are running tons of discounts for football fans.

World Cup Time!! Cum Lets make a GOAL

World Cup 2018! But Goal in Daman!

Hello Escorters, how are you all? Hope you guys are doing great. Well World Cup around! You guys might be enjoying the sexy goals. Well I supported Argentina this time but it didn’t go well, Messi was no Messi! everything was pretty low. Well at the same time even Ronaldo was no Ronaldo. Well whom did you support?

Let me know which team do you support? Is your team still IN? Well to let you know our own World Cup at Daman is always ON 24×7. We don’t require your training for this PLAY, the only thing we want is your “WANT” of playing and making a goal where you really should be making.


Make a goal inside me
Wanna make a Goal here?

This World Cup make a Goal for sure with US! We are providing HEAVY DISCOUNTS on our hotties so that the fun never stops. Doesn’t matter if Messi couldn’t rock on the field but You! YES!!! You! the Bravo will win the Game of Daman’s World Cup for sure by making a goal 😉 Because you know it well. Why wait when we are open 24×7, Come join the match of pleasure and glossy field ASAP!

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Let’s being the GAME!!

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We ain’t Facebook, we respect user privacy

Hello Escorters, how are you all ? Hope you guys are doing great. Most you might not know that Facebook was caught for the data scandal it was running since 2014, this program was called “Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal“. This program was defying user’s privacy rights.

This program was basically meant for collecting every Facebook and their respective product’s users personal data and was allegedly used to attempt to influence voter opinion on behalf of politicians who hired them. Well you guys might be thinking why we are discussing here? You got a point


Don’t you think privacy should be maintained regardless of what you do, where you are, with whom you are??

YES, of course privacy should be there no matter where we are, even if we are in Mars there should be a sense of privacy. Take the case of us. We here at Daman Escort service respect privacy of each and every members (including clients, workers ) from A-Z we respect privacy of everyone. Of course we can’t encrypt or hash your pleasure but what you do in our hub is only known to you and only you so nothing to worry about the consequences. Technically if we see our network is encrypted using SSL cert. Even if you visit our site it remains private to you  and our computer.


We take care of your privacy

We Take Care of your Privacy like No One 😉

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No. 1 Escort Service in Daman [Affordable and Quality]

Hey there, hope you all are doing great. Been long time We haven’t update anything. Today I’m here to discuss about something really interesting. I will tell you guys about the best No. 1 escort service in daman which provides quality high class call girls at affordable price in Daman and nearby. Well I do run an escort service company so you guys might be thinking i will promote my own business but No i won’t. Instead I went for doing some research about how different escort companies in Daman are doing.

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Which is the best of best?

Well No doubt companies are doing pretty well while some of them are:



Of course the list is big but these two passed my test with every single parameters like quality, affordable, customer appraisal. Being good its not the best, because I’ve seen we at

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5 Photos of Daman hottest call girls

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Daman Escort Service Model

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Daman Escort Service Model
Daman Escort Service Model

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