We ain’t Facebook, we respect user privacy

Hello Escorters, how are you all ? Hope you guys are doing great. Most you might not know that Facebook was caught for the data scandal it was running since 2014, this program was called “Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal“. This program was defying user’s privacy rights.

This program was basically meant for collecting every Facebook and their respective product’s users personal data and was allegedly used to attempt to influence voter opinion on behalf of politicians who hired them. Well you guys might be thinking why we are discussing here? You got a point


Don’t you think privacy should be maintained regardless of what you do, where you are, with whom you are??

YES, of course privacy should be there no matter where we are, even if we are in Mars there should be a sense of privacy. Take the case of us. We here at Daman Escort service respect privacy of each and every members (including clients, workers ) from A-Z we respect privacy of everyone. Of course we can’t encrypt or hash your pleasure but what you do in our hub is only known to you and only you so nothing to worry about the consequences. Technically if we see our network is encrypted using SSL cert. Even if you visit our site it remains private to you  and our computer.


We take care of your privacy

We Take Care of your Privacy like No One 😉

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